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The perfect size to explore alone or with your buddy, your child or your dog, the right rocker to play on white water or surf some waves, enough space and a modular cargo system to store your adventure gear, easy to carry everywhere, with a low weight and an all-terrain travel bag, and why not: Likes catcher / no filters  / social media terrific tool! 


Lenght 10’8″
width 33″
Thickness 5″
Volume 285L


Nose Kick 6″
Tail Kick 3″
Round Tail
Explorer Shape


Two 3.5” Fixed
two std usbox:
One 8” Surf shape
One 3.5” River shape


6 Soft Rigging Points
1.5” Stomp Pad
Diamond Grooved EVA
2 Central D-ring


The Adventure Rocker curves are made to give superior maneuverability and surfability. It’s specially designed to surf glassy waves or play with some river waves like a pro.

round tail

The rounded tail allows a quick and close turn, useful in close space either in river rapids or ocean waves.

explorer shape

With the funboards inspired shape, the progressive rocker at the ends, the fast flat-bottom and the thin edges, this board will allow easy exploration and a lot of fun.

3.5″ fixed fins

These 3.5” fixed fins are indestructible, even river’s rocks won’t scratch them. The 3° toe-in assure a high performance navigation tracking.

8″ surf fin

This classic “surf shape” fin is perfect for surfing and navigation, offering good tracking and quick reaction. This center fin is a US box standard and tool-free removable.

3.5″ gummy fin

This is the perfect tool for your river sessions, indestructible, with a depth and shape ready to easily slide on the rocks. This center fin is a US box standard and tool-free removable.

Stomp pad

The 1.5” stomp at the end of the pad it’s easy to find and gives easy control and maneuverability to the board.

diamond groove pad

The diamond grooved EVA pad gives maximum traction during river sessions and a good sensation to bare feet in surfing sessions


The soft rigging points prevents accidental hurts that metal rings used to cause. The centralized position and the rectangular shape maintain performance and stability even with maximum load situation on board.

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An adventure lover, the perfect companion to go explore some tropical island and camp on withe sand beaches or descending a wild river and discover some remote places in the woods. This paddle board has what it takes to make you happy!

Adjustable to your size and style, this is the super effective paddle to explore around. Built with our 37.5” durable plastic blade personalized with matching graphics to the board. Available in adjustable 2-piece carbon version to give you less weight and better performances.

A rolling backpack designed to be the best travel rolling / backpack. The size fits all the airlines baggage restrictions. The shoulder straps and hip belts can easily disappear in the back pocket for a better chek-in. The big all terrain wheels can roll anywhere you go. The adjustable straps easily stash for when you check your bag. The padded shoulder straps plus hip and chest belts, give you the best effortless transportation of the board and all accessories for adventure travel. 

The Double Action is the most efficient system you can find, you can use it in double power mode at the beginning to rapidly pump up to 5 PSI and then remove the cap to switch in single mode and easily reach the high pressure point at 15 PSI.

Go adventuring fully prepared! You can easily fix a leak in your paddle board with the repair kit including: 2 different colors PVC patch, 1 tube of glue and 1 wrench to remove the valve.


the game is sold out! new models on the way 

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Andrea and Leonardo, owners of JLID, have both a top-notch resume when it comes to water sports like stand up paddle, surf, wind surf, kite surf and foil. They have been athletes and pioneers in many of these watersports.

Matteo is a traveler and a sports enthusiast, he has paddled in over 50 countries around the world, in different environmental conditions. He has collaborated with several established brands, help to develop paddleboards.

Together they have shared the same passion and vision and decided to produce a paddleboard built for travel and awesome adventures.

With Tommy, a volcanic creative with a demonstrated history in the field of industrial design, they have created and developed: “The Game”, this unique paddle board that you can take with you anywhere adventure takes you.

Special thanks goes to Giulia and to the Poligrafik Group team for their help in the brand development strategies.